Rabu, 02 Desember 2015

My Flower Describe

I have a flower, the color is pink, fragrant smell, have five crown, and many sepal. This flower is big after bloom, have thron on stalk, but if young the thron is soft. This flower can grow up 2 until 5 meter. The leaf have serration shape. I love this flower because that smell is very fragrant and can make me calm. I bought this flower 4 year ago and i put on my garden. My flower's name is Rose.

Rabu, 25 November 2015

How to Use Trace Tools with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design software to make logo, trace, vector, and drawing. This is step to trace with Adobe Illustrator. First of all, open your Adobe Illustrator. Second, click New to make new document or new worksheet. Next, choose your picture which one you want to trace, drag your picture to your worksheet, after that click ok. Then the picture exiting in your worksheet after that click Embed on the top. Finally, select tool bar we use pen tool to trace and let’s trace. After finish your trace, you can save your worksheet with format JPEG.


Computer has new Technology in Hardware and Software. Software update like Adobe, Game, and Photo Editing, example Adobe now can be upgrade in CS6 before is CS5, which one using new Adobe more easy. In Hardware 3D printing now is very popular because you can see when 3D printing work.

My Experience

When I was followed Sains Olimpiade at Madrasah Aliyah, me and my friend selected for follow Sains Olimpiade, and Everyday always study at library. I was followed the Physic Olimpiade, my friend which her name was Siska follow Biology Olimpiade and Rima Chemistry Olimpiade.
At the first,  me and my friend were so happy to following that.But a long time, I was so scary, but my teacher said don’t  scary you can do it, don’t worry if you losed, important you make an experience.
At the moment when do the task Olimpiade, I  believed cant to do answer the physic task but I can because I know and already study with my physic teacher for one month, I permit not study all lesson only for Olimpiade, I must prove it.
While I did the task, I had confussed when I answered that and my friend too, after finished, my friend and I  happy but had not announcement champion, after one month, informed from my teacher said  my friend and I 3th winner Sains Olimpiade, I very happy heared that, and I gave certificate, its my past experience.

Kamis, 15 Januari 2015

T2 - Tak Jodoh

Kering air mataku
mengingat tentangmu
tentang kita yang tak jodoh
dulu pernah bermimpi
saling memiliki
nyatanya pun tak kesampaian

*rela... relakanlah masa itu
  biarkanlah jadi masa lalu...

**Kenang diriku selalu dihatimu
    selalu dijiwamu, simpan di memorimu
    ku nanti dirimu, bila malam pun tiba
    cukup kita yang tau, mimpi jadi saksinya ....

kering air mataku
mengingat tentangmu
tentang kita yang tak jodoh...

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