Rabu, 25 November 2015

My Experience

When I was followed Sains Olimpiade at Madrasah Aliyah, me and my friend selected for follow Sains Olimpiade, and Everyday always study at library. I was followed the Physic Olimpiade, my friend which her name was Siska follow Biology Olimpiade and Rima Chemistry Olimpiade.
At the first,  me and my friend were so happy to following that.But a long time, I was so scary, but my teacher said don’t  scary you can do it, don’t worry if you losed, important you make an experience.
At the moment when do the task Olimpiade, I  believed cant to do answer the physic task but I can because I know and already study with my physic teacher for one month, I permit not study all lesson only for Olimpiade, I must prove it.
While I did the task, I had confussed when I answered that and my friend too, after finished, my friend and I  happy but had not announcement champion, after one month, informed from my teacher said  my friend and I 3th winner Sains Olimpiade, I very happy heared that, and I gave certificate, its my past experience.

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